After the Smoke Clears

by Mark J. Allman , Tobias L. Winright

After the Smoke Clears
Publication date: 2010-09-30
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9781570758591

While most studies of just war focus on the rationale for going to war and the conduct of the war, this important book by Allman and Winright examines the period after the conflict. What must be done to restore justice? In the words of the authors, "'Victory' is declared by presidents and other leaders, yet all too often no just peace is to be found in the wake of today’s conflicts…After the smoke clears, the powers that be may declare 'mission accomplished' when, as Ezekiel long ago said, there really is no peace."

Part I provides an overview of just war theories and the emerging concern about the period that ensues when "official" hostilities end. Part II presents four criteria for ensuring post war justice: just cause, the need for reconciliation, the need for punishment, and the need for restoration.

Suitable for classes in ethics, Catholic social teaching, moral theology, and religion and society, After the Smoke Clears offers a telling critique of the moral aftermath of war.

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