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After 50: Spiritually Embracing Your Own Wisdom Years

After 50: Spiritually Embracing Your Own Wisdom Years

What are the spiritual challenges specific to one's later years? How can an older person possess one of the greatest fruits of trust in God-a hopeful heart? In this totally unique book, best selling author Robert Wicks addresses the need to prepare spiritually, rather than financially, for retirement. Wicks encourages readers to focus on three areas of preparation: building interior lives with prayer, caring for others from a deeper place in the soul and nurturing their own soul and hopeful heart.

In his characteristically engaging style, Wicks carefully mixes ideas, quotations, stories, humor and original prayers to provide practical spiritual advice and keen psychological reflection. He offers refreshing new ways to pray, including learning how to enjoy solitude, practicing "spiritual letter writing," developing one's own parables and practicing the gift of presence. All these help readers embrace God at the center of their lives.Robert J. Wicks
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