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Advent Goes to the Movies

Advent Goes to the Movies

A film is much more than entertainment – it’s a parable, a way for God to speak to us. The story meets us where we are and brings us face to face with ourselves. By paying close attention to what touched us, we discover what we value. We can then reflect on what God is telling us in that moment the film touched us.

This user-friendly resource invites readers to explore, discuss and reflect on 16 films (including many family-friendly choices) through the lens of Advent, that season of preparation for the birth of Christ. Advent offers us a space in our lives to get ready to receive and accept God’s gift of self, a key step in recognizing that we are loveable. Knowing we are loved, we can open the gift, use it, share it and celebrate it.

John Pungente, Monty Williams, Neil Andersen
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