Abounding In Kindness: Writings for the People of God

by Elizabeth Johnson;

Abounding In Kindness: Writings for the People of God
Publication date: 2015-03-01
Number of pages: 336
ISBN: 9781626981133
Elizabeth A. Johnson is widely regarded as among the most influential and creative Catholic theologians in the world—particularly for her contributions in bringing a feminist perspective to the central themes of Christian faith. Addressed to the wider “people of God,” this anthology of Johnson’s essays and lectures—many available for the first time—provides an overview of her essential work, while also o ering a brilliantly fresh exploration of the Christian faith.
From the question of belief itself, to the mysteries of God, Jesus Christ, and the work of the Holy Spirit, a central theme for Johnson is the overflowing compassion of the living God, engaged with the struggles and su ffering of the world. Throughout this collection Johnson's feminist insights, her concerns for an imperiled planet and for those on the margins, add urgency and passion to her reflections. 195568 Elizabeth Johnson;, Elizabeth A. Johnson
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