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A Treasury of Psalms

A Treasury of Psalms

From ancient times, the psalms have been embraced as a way of expressing the often-unexplainable movements of the human heart. When our own words fail us, the psalmist's words are available as a model for prayer and as a guide for communing with God. The psalms collected in A Treasury of Psalms are arranged thematically in order to help readers choose the most appropriate way to express their feelings to God. Whether it's a prayer for when one is afraid, bereaved, ill, lonely, or discouraged or when one is thankful, joyful, or worshipful, the reader will be able to find the right words with which to voice his or her deepest emotions. By praying the psalms, Christians tap into a tradition that goes back to Jeus and the apostles. This timeless collection, which also features lush, full-color reproductions of fine art, is a rich source of prayer as well as a beautiful keepsake.Martin Manser
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