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A Teaching Jesus

A Teaching Jesus

Each of the Gospel writers presents Jesus in a somewhat different light. John gives us a conversational Jesus; Luke offers a compassionate Jesus; and Mark shows us Jesus at his most human. Matthew presents us with a teaching Jesus.

In this engaging book, Eric Jensen explores eleven passages from Matthew’s Gospel, focusing on Jesus as teacher. Using the practice of Ignatian contemplation, as found in the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Jensen asks the reader not only to imagine a biblical scene

but also to take part in it by becoming one of those to whom the teaching is addressed. A period of reflection allows the reader to review their contemplation experience and note what moved them the most during the prayer or any new insights they received. The entire process for each passage takes about an hour.

Journey with Jesus, listening and learning as you delve more deeply into the teachings and the teacher par excellence.

Eric Jensen
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