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A Saint Squad for Teachers

A Saint Squad for Teachers

Every educator needs a friend to turn to when they are facing a rowdy classroom, challenging parent interactions, tense staff meetings, or even just the everyday demands of teaching. Seasoned teacher Amy Cattapan recommends you form a posse of saintly mentors who are always there to offer inspiring examples and powerful intercession.

In A Saint Squad for Teachers, Cattapan introduces you to a team of forty-five diverse and relatable saints ready to lift you up and intercede for you during every twist and turn of the school year. By drawing from the stories and wisdom of these heavenly educators and holy mentors, you’ll not only flourish as a teacher but also tackle the highs and lows of your calling with renewed vigor and unshakeable hope.

Your posse includes these much-needed intercessors:

Thea Bowman for infusing more joy in your classroom
Catherine of Siena for nurturing trust and respect with your students
Charles Lwanga for protecting you and your students from evil
Nicholas Black Elk for embracing the gift of multicultural classrooms
Thomas Aquinas for uplifting your underachievers
Frances Cabrini for providing strength when resources are stretched thin

Questions for reflection or discussion are included at the end of this chapter. Beyond personal enrichment, A Saint Squad for Teachers can also be used as a mini-retreat, team-building book club, professional development, or gifts for staff. This book also makes an ideal thank-you for cherished teachers and dedicated catechists, acknowledging their profound impact on shaping lives.

Amy J. Cattapan
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