A Rumour of God

by Robert Sibley

A Rumour of God
Publication date: 2010-10-28
Number of pages: 368
ISBN: 9782896462315

An exploration of how the spiritual can shine through our everyday lives.

A Rumour of God explores a variety of routine experiences - home, place, solitude, wonder, walking, and "everyday epiphanies" - to show us the possibility of restoring the spiritual side of our lives.

In an accessible yet thoughtful way, Robert Sibley recounts "moments of being" - his and others - that demonstrate how individuals might better respond emotionally and intellectually to the soul-sapping incoherence and disenchantment of the post-modern world. Drawing on the experiences of philosophers and theologians, writers and artists, explores and spiritual adepts, he finds a source of ideas and practices - everything from meditation and monastic retreat to a Sunday walk or an afternoon in the back yard - that can restore a sense of equilibrium to our lives. Just as C.S. Lewis once said we acquire faith by acting as believes, Sibley argues that we re-enchant the world by "paying attention" to our daily experiences.

Robert Sibley is an award-winning senior writer for the Ottawa Citizen. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from Carleton University and is the author of Northern Sights, a ground-breaking study of Canadian political thought.

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