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A Post-Pandemic Church

A Post-Pandemic Church

For most of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted our sense of vulnerability. It kept many people, including the most fragile, in isolation – both social and spiritual. In the face of so many challenges to our usual way of life, this has been an opportunity to reflect on our faith and on the Church. It has been a time to mourn and to lament, but also a time to review and rise to new life as a Christian community.

In this honest, soul-searching and inspiring book, she explores a range of underlying systemic and cultural issues in need of conversion. As she delves into the various theological, spiritual and organizational issues, the discussion leads far beyond the abuse crisis and into personal and ecclesial transformation as missionary disciples of Jesus.

“I hope that all who are seeking to find God in all circumstances will find Sr. Nuala Kenny’s book stimulating, uncomfortably challenging and effective in bringing about the healing, renewal and transformation of the Church in keeping with the mind of Christ.” Archbishop Emeritus Anthony Mancini, from the Foreword

Nuala Kenny
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