A Light Unto My Path: Crafting Effective Homilies


A Light Unto My Path: Crafting Effective Homilies
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ISBN: 9780809143764
There are many books available on creating a good effective homily. This book, unique in that it is the product of a long-standing dialogue between James Bacik, a pastor and theologian, and Kevin Anderson, a clinical psychologist and author, offers those who preach theological perspectives and practical advice on proclaiming the word of God. The authors move through the process of preparing and delivering a homily from its conception to delivery. However, they emphasize the focus and function of the homily rather than the theme, and how this relates the message of the readings to the human or social concerns of the congregation. Here is a one-of-a-kind book that includes empirical data in the form of a survey to explore what works and does not work in preaching. It will provide a fresh perspective to those in homiletics courses in seminaries as well as hands-on advice for those who already preach. 119825 Bacik & Anderson, James J. Bacik, Kevin E. Anderson

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