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Harvey Cox Reader

Harvey Cox Reader

Harvey Cox first attracted attention with the publication in 1965 of The Secular City, a rare theological bestseller, and one of the true religious classics of the 1960s. Since then, through his many books, Cox has been recognized as a keen theological observer of the religious and cultural scene and a public intellectual gifted at mediating academic and popular audiences. In much of Cox’s work, he assumes the role of pilgrim or explorer, reporting back on his own journeys into the worlds of Eastern religion, liberation theology, Pentecostalism, Jewish-Christian relations, and the changing shape of global Catholicism.

Throughout his career of over fifty years, he has shown a knack for identifying key trends as well as new variations on abiding themes, especially the message of Jesus and the meaning of faith in an ever-evolving culture. From his reflections on his Baptist roots to an inspiring essay, “Why I Am Still a Christian,” this volume opens a fascinating window on the religious questions of our time.Robert Ellsberg;, Harvey Cox
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