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A Circle of Seasons

A Circle of Seasons

Cancer. It’s a word that stops us in our tracks. But in Anne Alcock’s view, cancer is much more than a diagnosis. It is a circle of seasons, a pilgrimage: a way toward a deepened life, a more reflective life, a mindful life. As she works her way through the process, from diagnosis to chemotherapy to radiation and back to the routines of life, she delves into themes such as acceptance, forgiveness, nature, kindness, commitment to the process, energy (and the lack of it), losing her hair, trusting her body, and much more. Each of these 39 heartfelt reflections – which overflow with insight, gratitude, humility, humour and peace – is accompanied by a scripture passage, an original prayer, and a journalling activity to help readers delve into their thoughts, feelings and responses to this one-of-a-kind experience.Anne Alcock
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