A Christian View of Islam (Faith Meets Faith)


A Christian View of Islam (Faith Meets Faith)
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ISBN: 9781570758607
A Christian View of Islambrings together fifteen key essays by Tom Michel, the noted Jesuit scholar of Islam. This compendium is organized into three major categories:
Interreligious Dialogue: Encountering the ""Other""
Christian-Muslim Studies: Comparative Perspectives
A Christian View of Islam.
Topics range from studies of various approaches to interreligious dialogue in Part 1 to five comparative studies in Part 2, to Part 3, in which Fr. Michel addresses a number of issues, including Islam as the ""Other,"" Islamic nonviolence, holiness and ethics in Islam, and a Quranic approach to ecology. 160808 Irfan A. Omar, ED, Thomas F Michel, Irfan A. Omar

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