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Child's Book of Emotions, A

by Esteve Pujol i Pons , Rafel Bisquerra Alzina

Child's Book of Emotions, A
Publication date: 2014-09-02
Number of pages: 112
ISBN: 9780809167722
A Child s Book of Emotions is a collection of twenty classic tales from around the world, each one exploring a different emotion.

The emotions are universal and part of the human condition, no matter what age:

Knowing yourself; Giving emotions a name; Knowing how to control yourself; Enjoying beauty; Being impulsive; Rage; Fear; Sadness; Guilt; Stamina and recovery; Being realistic; Making responsible decisions; Memories; Empathy; Shyness; Vengeance; Assertiveness; Gratitude; Forgiveness; and Sharing emotions

In the first part of the book, From Me, there are stories exploring how you should behave; becoming aware of what you are like, of your qualities, of the emotions you feel; not letting yourself be overcome by anger or by fear; appreciating the good things in life; not falling despondent when things don t work out as you would like; how it s better to be happy than sad.

The second part, I Want to Go, contains very engaging stories to help you move forward despite difficult moments. Everyone encounters obstacles and setbacks. The stories demonstrate how to persevere.

And in the third part, Toward Others, there are some practical ideas for getting along better with other people: family, friends, and neighbors. You will learn how to treat them to make your relationship the best it can be.

Following each story are tips that explain these emotions and help you to get along better with those around you. Entertaining, beautifully illustrated, and filled with life lessons, the stories in this book can be read by parents to younger children, while older children will read them on their own, both groups benefitting from the wisdom that has come down through the ages.Esteve Pujol i Pons, Rafel Bisquerra Alzina

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