A Catholic Handbook


A Catholic Handbook
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ISBN: 9780809146390
Whether you are a cradle Catholic, a convert, or thinking about becoming one (perhaps you are already in the RCIA at a local parish), you are undoubtedly bursting with questions about what it means to be Catholic. A Catholic Handbook has the answers. The Paschal Mystery (can you solve it?), the sacraments, grace (the gift that keeps on giving), prayer, the monastic life, the purgatory story, the communion of saints, the lowdown on whether Protestants can go to heaven in his friendly, down-to-earth style, the sometimes humorous but unfailingly knowledgeable Fr. Graham has the answers to these and a whole treasure-trove of other questions. This book is a must for the bookshelves of every Catholic (and future Catholic). 160846 William C. Graham, Essentials for the 21st Century

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