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7 Steps to Better Conversations

7 Steps to Better Conversations

Is it possible to carry on good conversations with people with whom I disagree? As incivility, bullying, and mean-spirited communication have risen to new heights in our society, people of good faith wonder how we might change this tide of disrespect. Written for small-group discussion as well as personal reflection, this important booklet offers a fresh approach to communicating in our most difficult relationships, whether online or in person. Building upon the teachings of Pope Francis, Lorene Duquin explores several ways in which we might come together to talk through our differences, challenges, and disagreements with renewed kindness, honesty, and respect. Pope Francis reminds us that the “world will recognize the disciples of Jesus by the way they love one another.” Christian love is at the heart of better communication through the shared belief that we are all sons and daughters of a loving God.Lorene Duquin
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