25 Life-Changing Questions from the Gospels: Letting Jesus Lead You through the Stages of Spiritual Growth

by Allan F. Wright;

25 Life-Changing Questions from the Gospels: Letting Jesus Lead You through the Stages of Spiritual Growth
Publication date: 2016-12-05
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9781594716751

There's nothing quite like a pointed question to elicit an honest answer. Jesus used questions throughout his ministry, not to find out something he didn't know, but to probe into people's deepest, most unsettled spaces. Biblical scholar and retreat leader Allan F. Wright organizes twenty-five questions Jesus asked into five spiritual stages that will lead you on the road to discipleship.

In the gospels, Jesus frequently asked his followers and enemies tough questions like “Why are you anxious?” “Do you believe this?” and “Why do you doubt?”

In 25 Life-Changing Questions from the Gospels, you will see that you are no different from those Jesus questioned—a grieving sister, a fearful friend, an incessant doubter. And you’ll learn that his questions—and the issues that they raise—are just as relevant and life-changing to Catholics today as they were to Jesus’ first followers.

Educator and author Allan F. Wright will lead you through five stages of spiritual development—from spiritual seeker to faithful disciple of Christ—so that you can become better able embrace and share the life-giving power Jesus offers. You will come away recognizing Jesus for the wise teacher that he was and as the God who loves you still.

Allan F. Wright is academic dean for evangelization at St. Paul Inside the Walls, and an adjunct professor of biblical studies at Seton Hall University, where he received the “Many Are One” Servant Leadership Alumni Award in 2015.

He is a 1986 graduate of Seton Hall, earning a bachelor’s degree in religious studies. He earned his master’s degree in theology and biblical studies at Seton Hall, where he also received the Pope John Paul II Medal for Academic Excellence.

Wright is a speaker and the author of eight books, including Daily Companion for Young Catholics and Jesus the Evangelist. He received a first-place award in 2008 from the Catholic Press Association for Jesus in the House and was named teacher of the year in the Archdiocese of Newark in 2000. Wright is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Missionary Cenacle Apostolate. He is the host of a weekly program on Radio Maria, Jesus the Evangelist. He is a frequent guest on Relevant Radio and EWTN and has been featured on Fox News and in Catholic Digest and the National Catholic Register.

He and his wife, Desiree, live with their four children in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

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