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21 Activities That Really Work

21 Activities That Really Work

Author Michelle Lepine began her ministry like many other catechists: reluctant and uncertain about sharing the faith with the children in her parish. Apprehensive and nervous, Michelle responded positively to her pastor’s call to minister to the children of her parish and embarked on an adventure of faith. She soon discovered that her new ministry called her to be creative in engaging the children and youth in our faith. It would also shape and form her own journey of faith in ways that she never could imagine. Now Lepine shares her powerful story of faith with you through the inspired activities she uses to help kids learn more about their faith and grow in discipleship of Jesus. Creative, engaging, and just plain fun, her activities allow kids to tangibly explore themes of our tradition though signs, symbols and exercises. New and seasoned catechists and teachers will welcome these imaginative and playful activities, while at the same time be renewed in their own journey of faith.Michelle Lepine
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