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101 Questions And Answers On Catholic Marriage Preparation (101 Questions & Answers)

by N/A , Rebecca Nappi, Daniel Kendall

101 Questions And Answers On Catholic Marriage Preparation (101 Questions & Answers)
Publication date: 2005-01-01
Number of pages: 72
ISBN: 9780809142910
101 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON CATHOLIC MARRIAGE PREPARATION provides both an overview of the Catholic Church's position and practice with regard to weddings in the Church as well as clear responses to questions (theological and mostly non-theological) that catholic couples commonly ask when they are preparing for marriage. Written by a Catholic laywoman and a Catholic priest, this book looks at both the underlying theology and practical approaches to the Catholic wedding. The authors provide clear and readable guidance on preparations for the ceremony itself and answers to typical questions (101 of them) that arise during the first year of marriage. These include: - What is the Catholic understanding of Christian marriage?- Has the Church's view of "mixed marriages" changed in recent years?- Since the Church asks us to wait six months before we marry, what are the preparations we are expected to complete in the meantime?- Is a celibate priest in any position to talk about marriage to engaged people?- Is it true that the Church condemns artificial birth control?- Must the best man and the maid of honor be Catholics?- Do women still have to promise to obey their husbands?- What financial decisions must be made in the first year of marriage?, Rebecca Nappi, Daniel Kendall