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What Catholics Believe is an interactive adult-learner-focused shrink-wrapped resource that explains Catholicism to enquirers who present themselves at any time to a parish for RCIA instruction. Catechetical in nature, its twelve leaflets can also help reinforce Catholicism in baptized Catholics, thereby strengthening discipleship in the parish community. Works equally well for a strong community-based process, and for a more traditional September to the Easter vigil approach. This Leader's Guide by Christine Way Skinner takes you through the process, guiding each session with suggestions for prayer, music, meditation, and discussion questions. Includes bibliography at end for further reading.

It is also a valuable resource that is flexible enough to be used

  • for Adult Faith Formation for those who are already members of the Church
  • as a resource for personal use 

The twelve leaflets can be used and purchased together or individually. Each of the 12 leaflets provides the starting point for a group conversation on aspects of our faith. While these leaflets are numbered in a logical sequence, they do not have to be used in order. 

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