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Steve Bell’s Pilgrim Year series presents us with a shared tradition of remembrances, feasts, fasts and festivals that assure hope and meaning, and that ground us during seasons of upheaval and uncertainty.
Each reflection within the series takes us on a wonderful journey through the Christian calendar accompanied by one of Steve’s songs on that theme, or a video.
Steve Bell is a storyteller through and through. For 30 years he has offered fresh theological depth and spiritual encouragement to audiences throughout Canada and the United States. Steve has written numerous articles for online and print publications including prominent Canadian Christian newspapers, such as ChristianWeek and Faith Today. He has also penned books on Scripture and the Liturgical Year.
With a vocational calling to “refresh Christian faith and spiritual tradition for the weary and the wary,” Steve is known as much for his award-winning musical career as he is for his storytelling, social commentary and theological insights. His lifelong pursuit of the rich traditions of the church has awarded him a voice in the contemporary recovery of relevant formational practices for personal and corporate Christian spirituality.
Steve pursues advocacy work, both locally and abroad, and has guest lectured at Regent College, Duke University, BIOLA University and Providence University College.