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Instead of simply maintaining their buildings and meeting the needs of their parishioners, parishes are called to go further and embrace their mission, which is to make disciples.

Divine Renovation offers a blueprint for doing just that. Rooted in Church teaching and filled with proven practical ideas, it provides inspiration and guidance for pastors and parishes alike. It's time to start making disciples. The future of the Church depends on it.

The companion volume also provides the tools parishes need to succeed with this mission. The step-by-step guidebook for transforming your parish is packed full of information, ideas and examples, and it's doable. It contains many charts and graphics where you can put pen to paper and work out your own goals and vision.

"A bracing call to move every parish community from a maintenance model to a mission mode...or die! I heartily recommend it to every parish priest and his parish council."

 -Terrence Prendergast, S.J., Archbishop of Ottawa

"This book is a 'tour de force' - a must read! Fr. James speaks from experience: vibrant parish renewal is not only essential, it is possible!"

 -Very Rev. Scott McCaig CC, General Superior, Companions of the Cross