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Camino Close to Home

Camino Close to Home

Not all of us can make the trip to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago. Local pilgrimages are a fantastic alternative! A route close to home but away from our daily concerns is an opportunity to experience the physical challenges of walking, the joys of community, spiritual growth, and our relationship with God’s creation. This hands-on guide is an essential tool for anyone planning or participating in a local pilgrimage.

“This book melds an expansive spirituality to common sense advice. It puts local pilgrimage within reach of everyone’s home because the sacred can be found on any path leading out from your front door.”

George Greenia, Founder of the William & Mary Institute for Pilgrimage Studies

“A guide for our time …. Fennell shows us how to reclaim our humanity and journey with full mind and heart in our communities, homes, and everyday lives. The result is a lovely mix of spiritual and practical wisdom, a guidebook for the soul and the feet.”

Lisa Deam, author of 3000 Miles to Jesus: Pilgrimage as a Way of Life for Spiritual Seekers

“A must-read … it strikes a perfect balance of practical advice and profound theological insight into this transformative way of walking … inspiring, illuminating, and informative.”

Allen Jorgenson, Martin Luther University College

“Combining wisdom about the social, spiritual, and environmental benefits of local pilgrimage with practical tips for planning, the chapters unfold as a pleasant conversation. Camino Close to Home is truly a welcome companion along the Way.”

Matthew Anderson, Director of Camino Nova Scotia and co-author of Our Home and Treaty Land

“I’m grateful to Camino Nova Scotia for the example of local pilgrimage that helped me connect to the sacred again, just when I needed it most.”

Shaun Loney, Co-founder of Camino Manitoba and author of An Army of Problem Solvers

“This is a handbook for twenty-first century pilgrims who do not want to trek abroad or add to their carbon footprint by flying to distant holy sites. It combines reflections on the many benefits of exercise with a very practical section on planning.”

Margaret Harvey, Durham University

Rob Fennell
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