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What Teens Want You to Know (But Won't Tell You)

by Roy Petitfils; , Roy Petitfils

What Teens Want You to Know (But Won't Tell You)
Publication date: 2015-03-20
Number of pages: 144
ISBN: 9781616362225
From over two decades of listening to young people tell him things they were not telling their parents or anyone else, Roy Petitfils learned that often what teens think and feel most deeply might not be what you think. Young people struggle to find their own voice—in their families, in the Church, and in the larger world community. Too often teenagers take their needs and concerns underground and share in secret their hurts, fears, and disenchantment. They console one another because for many the adult world isn’t a safe place for them.

What Teens Want You to Know gives voice to ten things young people want adults to know but won’t tell them. It discusses such issues as your relationship with a teen, acceptance of teen behavior, teens’ desire to serve, and much more.

Petitfils assures you that young people want  to include adults in their lives. With his guidance, you can help them do that.
Roy Petitfils;, Roy Petitfils

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