Youth Emmaus 2 (Emmaus: The Way of Faith)


Youth Emmaus 2 (Emmaus: The Way of Faith)
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ISBN: 9780715140482
Youth Emmaus 2 is a fourteen-session interactive discipleship course for young people, designed to help 11- to 16-year-olds integrate their faith into life and to equip them as worshippers and disciples. It breaks down into two sections – Big Issues and Holy Spaces.

Big Issues (Sessions 1–7) tackles Jesus’ sermon on the mount, engaging with issues like poverty and injustice, forgiveness and reconciliation, dreams and passions.

Holy Spaces (Sessions 8–14) explores creative ways of worshipping together – from protest to praise.

Each session includes detailed leaders’ notes, ice-breakers, theme-focused activities, ideas for worship and multimedia suggestions. It's suitable as a discipleship course, a post-confirmation resource, or a framework for a series of one-off events or a youth residential. It's ideal as a follow-on from Youth Emmaus or as stand-alone material to help young people grow in discipleship.

The free CD-ROM includes handouts, resource sheets, PowerPoint presentations, cartoons and graphics, a youth Emmaus poster and a bookmark.

140329 Gosling et al., Dot Gosling, Sue Mayfield, Tim Sledge, Tony Washington

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