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Your Child's Baptism, Revised Edition

by Bernadette Gasslein;

Your Child's Baptism, Revised Edition
Publication date: 2015-01-31
Number of pages: 24
ISBN: 9782896881536
A perfect resource for churches seeking to prepare parents fully for the celebration of their child’s baptism. Some babies will object—loudly—to being doused with water at the baptismal font, and some will try to splash around. Your job is to hold them securely, shush them if necessary and make sure nothing gets knocked over. There is, of course, a little more to Baptism than that. Your Child’s Baptism walks new parents through the steps, discussing the rite itself and what it means for a child’s emotional and spiritual growth. The booklet includes prayers, psalms and readings from scripture, and talks about how to foster a young person’s faith. In particular, this new edition includes updated readings from the Catholic lectionary.Bernadette Gasslein;

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