World Religions

by Dr. John van den Hengel, SCJ , Char Deslippe, Michael Harrison, Les Miller

World Religions
Publication date: 2010-02-28
Number of pages: 400
ISBN: 9780176242459

The only Canadian Catholic world religions resource for Ontario Grade 11 World Religions.

Written from a Canadian Catholic perspective, and designed to strengthen students’ understanding of their Catholic faith. A wealth of Canadian examples and stunning visuals provide a uniquely Canadian context for the study of world religions. The Catholic perspective is embedded throughout every chapter, while engaging Catholic Connections sidebars draw authentic connections between the Catholic faith and other religions. Interreligious Dialogue focuses on the historical and current dialogue between Catholicism and other faith traditions. Making it Personal questions invite students to reflect on and make connections to their personal faith. Written at an accessible reading level and full of study tools to support success for all students.

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This program was initiated by and developed in collaboration with the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario. In plenary assembly, the bishops of Ontario recognized that the content of this program is faithful to the teaching of the Church and conforms to the Ontario Catholic Secondary Curriculum Policy Document for Religious Education, Revised 2006 of the Assembly of Catholic bishops of Ontario. Each diocesan bishop maintains the right and duty to approve specific catechetical texts in his own diocese.



Most Reverend Thomas Collins

Archbishop of Toronto

November 26, 2009

President of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario

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