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Work: For God's Sake

Work: For God's Sake

What is the spiritual meaning of work in our lives? If you won GBP1m in the TV game-show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Would you go into work the following Monday morning? Is work something irksome that must be endured so that we may eat, enjoy quality leisure time, and retire as early as possible? Is it more integral to personal identity and one of the blessings of God's creation? The twin problems of today's 'high-pressure, burn-out' workplaces and unemployment make some Christian theologies of vocation seem idealistic. The global implications of the West's lust for cheap consumer goods pose major challenges to any moral case for prosperity. In Work, for God's Sake Esther Reed tackles these questions within a biblical framework, and sketches a theological ethic of work in the hope of God's coming kingdom.Esther D. Reed
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