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Women and Christianity, Vol III

by Mary T. Malone;

Women and Christianity, Vol III
Publication date: 2003-01-01
Number of pages: 336
ISBN: 9782895071822
The final volume in a major historical trilogy that documents the lives and contributions of Christian women from the beginnings of Christianity to now.In this final volume, Mary Malone draws on the vast sources of documentation since the sixteenth century to place such women as Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, Jane de Chantal, and Marguerite Bourgeois in the context of their times. Beginning with the great upheaval of the Reformation, she covers such issues as: Women's Religious Communities -Women Mystics -Women Missionaries in the New World -The Marian Age (1850-1950) -Women and Vatican II, and much more.Malone also explores how the examples of Christian women in Asia, Africa, and Latin America have expanded the consciousness of their sisters in the West. She concludes with a discussion of the challenges to contemporary Christianity by women's spirituality and Christian feminism (particularly ecofeminism). These issues, breathtaking in their scope, have released the kind of spiritual energy that will reverberate through the church of the twenty-first century.About the Author: MARY T. MALONE is a former professor of Theology at Toronto School of Theology, and of Religious Studies at St. Jerome's University and the University of Waterloo. She is now living in Ireland. 280 pages, paperback, 5 3/8"" x 8 1/4""Mary T. Malone;

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