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Woman Spirit Awakening in Nature: Growing into the Fullness of Who You Are

by Nancy Barrett Chickerneo

Woman Spirit Awakening in Nature: Growing into the Fullness of Who You Are
Publication date: 2012-01-09
ISBN: 9781594732508

Dare to Take Ownership of the Wildness and Wonder of Your Truest Self

“Nature is there for you, waiting to reflect your deepest self back to you and to teach you the Creator’s wisdom. A step into nature’s embrace is always a step into a richer, fuller life. The door is wide open; come on out!”
—from “Beginning”

This book is your invitation to experience the life-energizing process of reclaiming your spiritual roots through nature—be it your backyard or the wilds of the forest.

Nancy Barrett Chickerneo, a twenty-year veteran leading women’s retreats, guides you on a journey into nature to reconnect with your senses—what you see, hear, touch, taste and smell—in order to reactivate your ability for personal discovery. Combining creativity, playfulness and spiritual depth, she poses eight life-changing questions that help you explore ways to awaken, transform and nurture your spirit. Practical exercises for individual or group use encourage you to let go of self-judgment and seek balance in your everyday life, empowering you to find your own path to spiritual growth.

Whether you have picked up this book out of curiosity, longing—even skepticism—you will be inspired to get out there into nature to reclaim the person you were created to be.

Nancy Barrett Chickerneo