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Who or What Is God? And Other Investigations

by John Hick

Who or What Is God? And Other Investigations
Publication date: 2009-09-01
ISBN: 9781596271166
In Who or What is God? John Hick reflects on questions of the nature and the accessibility of God in the context of Christianity and other faith traditions. The essays in this book cover a wide range of issues centered on the search for truth, justice, and peace. This search concerns the ultimate reality to which the world's great religions point, involving discussion of religious experience, religious language, the relations between religions, death, and Christian belief.

The book does not focus on theology of religions or religious pluralism -- for which Hick is so well known -- but on different, nevertheless related areas as the nature and accessibility of God, God's relevance for the meaning of life and eschatology, the reconstruction of Christian theology under contemporary conditions, and finally the need to combine spirituality with the search for social justice.

"Throughout his long and productive career Hick has made significant contributions to various fields of the philosophy of religion and to theology: not only to a "pluralist theology of religion" -- for which he is probably best known -- but also to religious epistemology, theodicy, eschatology, and Christology. In all of these areas he is and will remain for the foreseeable future a thinker whose works are read and discussed. There is no question that scholars and students throughout the world will notice any new publication coming from him." --Perry Schmidt-Leukal, University of GlasgowJohn Hick