Who Needs Words? A Christian Communications Handbook

by Richard Littledale

Who Needs Words? A Christian Communications Handbook
Publication date: 2011-10-30
Number of pages: 156
ISBN: 9780715209431
The Christian message of the Kingdom of God is known to us today only because of excellent communication through the centuries. In an age when great communications skill is vital in order to be heard and to hear - amidst all the voices and competing media, this guide brings you practical tips and support.Take a little time to enjoy this fascinating read and you will emerge with enhanced engagement in your daily life, in witnessing, pastoring and all situations in which you find yourself. A compelling companion and tool for all who want to be effective communicators. 'Opens us up to the creative, life-giving exploration of the rich world of communication' Nick Baines from Foreword by Nick Baines, Bishop of BradfordRichard Littledale

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