What the Church Believes and Teaches: Promise

by Margaret Savitskas

What the Church Believes and Teaches: Promise
Publication date: 2012-08-30
Number of pages: 32
ISBN: 9782896465064
Help your students explore the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies more fully with these supplementary student activity handbooks. Promote your students’ understanding and appreciation of the Catholic faith with these supplementary books featuring age appropriate lessons on Church teaching, sacraments, commandments, prayers and words that every child should know. Engaging activities make the learning process fun and enjoyable for all students. Only $5.95! Available for all five of the Weeklies programs, conforms to the catechism of the Catholic Church and lasts the entire year! Margaret Savitskas

Forthcoming: Order it now. This product will be available on the 2012/08/30.

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