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What Pope Francis Says About Jesus

by Gwen Costello; , Gwen Costello

What Pope Francis Says About Jesus
Publication date: 2014-09-01
Number of pages: 32
ISBN: 9781627850513
Pope Francis says new and surprising things every day! In each new message, he urges Catholics to live the gospel through their daily thoughts, prayers, and actions. When they do, he says, their lives will be better, richer, and far more fulfilled.

Pope Francis himself takes the gospel to heart, especially its call to live as Jesus did and reach out to the poor. Over and over he gives witness to this by living simply, embracing the sick, humbly washing feet, blessing modern-day lepers, and ceaselessly preaching the gospel. He lives what he preaches, and he longs to put a fire under the rest of us!

In this booklet, you are invited to spend 30 days with the words of Pope Francis as he focuses on Jesus Christ. May his words inspire you to embrace the gospel message more joyfully and to live it more fully.Gwen Costello;, Gwen Costello


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