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What Is Your Practice?

by Norvene Vest;Liz Forney;

What Is Your Practice?
Publication date: 2015-08-01
Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9780819229892
The goal is to help readers to strengthen their relationship with the Holy. Sixteen chapters present a variety of foundational Christian ascetical practices, translated into contemporary idiom. Instead of relying on imperatives and fixed answers, the intent is to attract readers to experiment with and commit to sustained practices enabling them to live faithfully with important questions during unsettled times. Readers are encouraged not to adopt all the suggested practices at once, but rather to be acquainted with a menu of choices appropriate for spiritual nurture for differing temperaments and at different periods within a lifetime. Questions at the end of each chapter make the book suitable for parish groups, as well as for individual reading. Many of the classic books on spiritual disciplines are outdated, both in language and approach, yet our churches are full of people who would like to be more serious about the practice of their faith without having to invest huge amounts of time. This book’s approach to spiritual practice focuses on opportunities available within the normal patterns of everyday activity, and is written both informatively and inspirationally. A practice is most effective when it becomes a habit or disposition, and thus is not just a matter of adding or changing various activities throughout the week or year, but is more a matter of how we live day to day.Norvene Vest;Liz Forney;

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