What am I Doing Here?


What am I Doing Here?
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ISBN: 9780715141618
Have you ever wondered what church is all about? Ever found yourself in a service wondering what on earth is going on? And what the point of it all is?

Whether you're completely new to church or have been coming to church for a while, this little book is here to help you! With a down-to-earth style and subtle humour, What Am I Doing Here? takes you through an Anglican Holy Communion service, demystifying what happens - and why.

Subjects covered include:
  • What are you doing here?: The need to meet your maker
  • Worship: The need to celebrate and count our blessings
  • Confession: The need for accounting procedures and a clean slate
  • Sermons: The need for wise words and challenging questions
  • The Creed: The need for a basic belief system
  • Prayer: The need to engage with the wider world and ask for help
  • The Peace: The need to live in right relationship with others
  • Holy Communion: The need for strength, comfort and delight
  • Being sent out and the after-church chat: The need to share the journey
155035 Hilary Brand

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