Waves of God's Embrace


Waves of God's Embrace
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ISBN: 9781853119224
This short and highly readable text opens up what will be a completely new and inviting way of understanding God and approaching the task of theology from a unique perspective - the deep understanding of and identification with the ocean of the people of the Pacific. Surrounded by the vastness of the ocean which governs every aspect of their lives, it is unsurprising that they have a profound belief in the ocean's rich symbolism and religious significance. For them it is the source of life, their origins, their home, a dynamic living presence that requires them to work in rhythm and harmony with the integrity of creation, their source of nourishment, their final resting place. All of this speaks volumes to today's world and especially to the church in which difference is often emphasized above community. This book invites us to learn simple yet profound wisdom and understanding for our times. 155173 Winston Halapua

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