Voices from the Desert (Spirituality for Our Times)


Voices from the Desert (Spirituality for Our Times)
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ISBN: 9781853114915
The idea of the desert as being a place where we escape the pressures of everyday life in order to hear God speak afresh is intimately associated with Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness - our model for keeping Lent today. It is easy to gain a romantic idea of desert sands beneath starlit skies, but in reality the desert is a hard palce tat tests our endurance and few venture there, geographically or emotionally. Reflecting on the work of writers such as Salman Rushdie and R.S Thomas, and bands such as the ""Manic Street Preachers"", Leslie Griffiths explores the deserts in today's world and teaches us to hear the voices of these unlikely prophets who tell the truth about the human condition and challenge us to change. 126930 Alan Griffiths, Leslie Griffiths

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