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View from the Trenches, AUps and Downs of Today s Parish Priest

View from the Trenches, AUps and Downs of Today s Parish Priest

Dennis Murphy confronts the difficult environment in which priests work today: declining and aging parishes; priest shortages; growing disrespect for priests as fallout from the sexual abuse crisis; the challenges of aggressive secularism. Through an "environmental scan," he reads the signs of the times to understand the social context for today's diocesan priesthood.

Turning to Catholic tradition, including Scripture, theology, and modern Church voices from Popes Benedict and John Paul to Joan Chittister and Donald Cozzens, Murphy builds a case for a distinct spirituality for the diocesan priest. In doing so, he reviews the relationship of the parish priest to his congregation, to other priests, to women, and to his bishop. Along the way, he reflects profoundly on particular challenges, such as celibacy, facing the suspicion of a larger culture, and the question of obedience to authority.

The book ends with an inspiring appeal toChristian hope and the need for a strong life of prayer and love in community to face the challenges ahead.Monsignor Dennis Murphy
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