Via Lucis

by Dr. Glenn Byer

Via Lucis
Publication date: 2014-01-15
Number of pages: 64
ISBN: 9782896466238
A stunning and vivid meditation on the Stations of the Resurrection through word and image. For several centuries, Christians have traversed the way of Christ’s passion and death. To this day, Lenten Fridays are marked by communal prayers and devotions in honour of this holy and prayerful tradition. Yet in recent decades, a growing awareness of the significance and equal importance of Christ’s resurrection has given rise to a prayerful meditation upon the resurrection stories of Jesus. Originally written by Father Sabino Palumbieri, the Via Lucis, or Way of Light, has grown in popularity in the past two decades. Like the Way of the Cross, the Way of Light marks each important story of Jesus’ resurrection appearances with prayers, scripture readings and reflections. Presented here for the first time is a uniquely Canadian presentation of the Via Lucis, drawing from powerful images that speak deeply to all Canadians. Combining the rich prayers of the Via Lucis with stunning depictions of light and provocative reflections, we discover the beautiful stories of Jesus’ appearances to his disciples and their meaning for us today. Whether used individually or in communal prayer, this prayerful meditation on the Way of Light will be sure to draw all people more fully into the Paschal Mystery and the joy of the new life in Christ. Dr. Glenn Byer

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