Unquiet Vigil: New and Selected Poems (Paraclete Poetry)

by OCSO; Br. Paul Quenon

Unquiet Vigil: New and Selected Poems (Paraclete Poetry)
Publication date: 2014-10-01
Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9781612615608
What might briefly tumble through a monks mind, or be hard chiseled over a span of years, what might be gleaned while ranging high along the Kentucky knobs, or what quietly emerges while sitting in the dark before dawn—these are the inner and outer landscapes of the religious poems found in Unquiet Vigils. From nocturnal Vigils to close listening to the liturgy of crickets, these are litanies of love and life, work, patience, and prayer. These poems are collected from over two decades of writing, and seasoned with the savor of five decades of living a monastic life.
198260 OCSO; Br. Paul Quenon, Paul Quenon ocso
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