Trumpet Descants: For 101 Noteworthy Hymns


Trumpet Descants: For 101 Noteworthy Hymns
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ISBN: 9780898694420
Are you a church musician or a pastor working with a good amateur trumpeter--perhaps a high school student--or with a professional on occasion? If so, then this book is for you.

Lorna Tedesco has done a brilliant job of bringing together two descants for 101 familiar and beloved hymn tunes--from seasonal songs and carols to traditional favorites for the regular Sundays of the church year. For each hymn tune there are two descants--one that could be played by an amateur, and a second more suitable for the seasoned professional. The descants may be used separately--or they may be played together for a stunning effect.

The hymn melody is also transposed into the key appropriate for the B-flat instrument, so that it can be played on alternate verses without the descant. For each selection there is a full score for the keyboard with the descants printed above, together with separate scores for the trumpeters (also appropriate for other B-flat instruments). Several of the hymns are published in two keys to make them equally accessible to a variety of denominations. These descants will be a welcome and beautiful enhancement to your congregational singing. 156969 Lorna Tedesco

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