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Transforming Lives: Christian Education in a Multi-Cultural World

by Gary Best , Best, Gary

Transforming Lives: Christian Education in a Multi-Cultural World
Publication date: 2008-03-01
Number of pages: 200
ISBN: 9780716206422
The author explores what is the real purpose of education, analyses what makes Jesus a perfect teacher, and presents how for almost two centuries education and Christianity were synonymous. He then examines how the state has redefined religious education and clearly presents what is currently happening within schools, including looking at the impact of secularism and analysing all the latest government initiatives on such issues as citizenship and personal, social, moral and cultural education. He shows why faith schools are both criticized and praised and the problems that have arisen from multiculturalism. He also discusses the role of science and religion, looks at worship in schools, and examines what modern research is saying about the nature of how we develop faith. Lastly, he tackles the thorny issue of what role churches should be playing in education today.Gary Best, Best, Gary