Tough Questions Jews Ask, 2nd Edition

by Rabbi Edward Feinstein

Tough Questions Jews Ask, 2nd Edition
Publication date: 2012-04-01
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9781580234542
Teenagers and questions go hand in hand, except perhaps when it comes to religion. Feinstein encourages young people to verbalize their doubts about God, faith and Jewish life, stating that he believes "God loves good questions." Structured as questions posed by different students in a classroom, the 18 chapters include discussions about God; Shabbat; intermarriage; prayer; bar mitzvah; Israel; Christianity; anti-Semitism; Jewish denominations; the meaning of life; good and evil; the concept of an afterlife; and the Messiah. While the format may be a bit contrived, it effectively expresses the questions young people have. Feinstein phrases his questions and answers in terms kids can readily understand: "Is Any of That Stuff in the Bible True?" or "No Cheeseburgers? No Going to the Mall on Saturday? Why Does Religion Need So Many Rules?" The rules, he suggests, are one way of requiring a commitment, like going to the gym on a continual basis: "If I really wanted results, I needed to be serious." He equates being religious with being aware of life's amazing gifts. "The opposite of being religious," he writes, "is being bored." Feeling close to God involves doing godly actions, he stresses. Theology comes alive through Feinstein's cogent analogies and non-dogmatic, down-to-earth style. This book should appeal to students and adults of all denominations who are wrestling with the age-old challenges of faith.
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