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To You; Love, God: A Year of Daily Guidance and Inspiration Straight from the Source

by Will Bowen; , Will Bowen

To You; Love, God: A Year of Daily Guidance and Inspiration Straight from the Source
Publication date: 2014-12-16
Number of pages: 384
ISBN: 9781601426895
Embrace God's Love Every Day

What if God sent you a personal, daily message to remind you that he is present, that he loves you, and that things are going to work out?   

Will Bowen's To You, Love God is a collection of life-changing messages straight from the source. Simple yet deeply moving, this 365-day devotional speaks to you directly with the wisdom, love, and compassion of God.

Will Bowen is an ordained minister, sought after motivational speaker, and author of the international bestseller, A Complaint Free World, among other books. He lives with his family near Kansas City, Missouri. 

Begin each day with a deep awareness of God's presence:

Come with me.

I am walking just ahead of you-always in sight,

never more than a pace or two ahead.

Here I am. Take my hand.

I have amazing things to show you.



Reader testimonials:

What a gift-sort of a "spiritual vitamin" to start each and every morning. Some of the messages are so profound that they have found their way laminated and into my wallet or on my desk where I can see them every day. -M. Manard, Gladstone, MO

I really feel like I am talking to God when I read them every morning. You have so helped me. -M. Clesi, Boca Raton, FL

The devotions lift me up beyond the daily dramas, always pointing up towards the Light and Truth that never changes.
-S. Farrow, Vancouver Island, BC

On many occasions the messages are exactly what I need that day. Recently I have been sharing them with my teenage daughter and she loves them! -S. Garland, Kansas City, MO

I can't tell you how much "To You, Love God" has meant to me. I read your inspired messages every morning, and what a beautiful way to begin the day. They give comfort, peace, and insight into experiencing the life God wants us all to experience. -J. Westhoff, Green Valley, AZ

These messages are the backbone of keeping my attitude positive, and helping me learn to accept others and myself as beings created by God. -P. Loffstrom, Zinga, Tanzania

The messages of "To You, Love God" have inspired and sustained me through some of the most difficult times of my life including a divorce and the recent sudden loss of my daughter.-C. Pizzi, Calabash, NC

"To You, Love God" inspires me, makes me think, and most importantly, helps me appreciate all the blessings that come my way. -D. Kelley, Clifton Park, NY

I read these daily letters from God after I pray and meditate. They seem to be written directly to me each day. -E. Ruppert, Delray Beach, FL

I count on starting my day with the wisdom of "To You, Love God." - S. Prince, Long Beach, CA

I look at life differently than I did before.  Gone is the "poor me" attitude. - K. Hill  Morristown, TN

They are always inspirational and often "spot on" as to what happens to be going on with me in my life. Very uncanny!
-T. Penkala, San Diego, CA

 Will Bowen;, Will Bowen

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