Through Julian's Window


Through Julian's Window
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Like her 14th century predecessor Julian of Norwich, Sr Elizabeth lives as a solitary attached to a religious community. Like Julian, she is available to all who come for help, advice or direction. In Julian's cell were three windows - one looking into the sanctuary of the church, one opening on to a secluded garden where she could attend to her own physical needs and a third where she conversed with all who came for help. Sr Elizabeth relates the three different aspects of these windows to the three things that Julian desired of God - contrition, compassion and longing for God. So deeply did she desire these qualities that she asked God to 'wound' her with them, but they became gifts of healing for herself and for others. Through contrition she learned her limitations and her need of others, compassion enabled her to become an effective spiritual guide and in longing for God she found purpose and meaning for her whole life. 154201 Elizabeth Ruth Obbard

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