Thirty Nine New Articles

by Martyn Percy; , Martyn Percy

Thirty Nine New Articles
Publication date: 2013-09-30
Number of pages: 192
ISBN: 9781848255258
Thirty Nine New Articles offers a vision of a fresh, generous, contemporary Anglican faith and life. Inspired by the original Thirty Nine Articles of Religion, the Church of England’s historic statement of belief, it explores thirty-nine beliefs and practices that characterize Anglicanism today and the issues it grapples with.

Recognizing difference and urging generosity of spirit , author Martin Percy focuses on Anglican understanding of key Christian doctrines; personal faith; our shared life with each other, with other churches and with society around us. He also celebrates some of Anglicanism’s guiding spirits, from St Columba to George Herbert.

Warm, engaging and inspiring, Thirty Nine New Articles offers crucial and critical insights, proclaiming the Christian faith today and offering an apologia for the Anglican Church. It is essential reading for all seeking fresh and relevant ways of articulating their faith.Martyn Percy;, Martyn Percy

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