Thinking About Preaching


Thinking About Preaching
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ISBN: 9780716206163
Preaching might appear to be an outmoded means of communication at the beginning of the twenty-first century, yet Christian men and women continue to testify that God has called them to do it! For some, this is part of a wider calling to ordained ministry, but for others it is a calling in itself. Written by an experienced preacher who passionately believes in the value and the importance of good preaching, the book explores what is involved in being a preacher. The author asks the provocative question: how dare we preach? Preachers are, in conscious reliance on the Holy Spirit, called to be the vehicle for God's story with humanity to become real so that the hearers may be caught up in it and respond. God calls many different kinds of people to do this and we are not expected to do it out of our own resources, but can, and need to, draw on Scripture, Christian Tradition and experience, both our own and that of Christian women and men around us and world-wide. 153461 Michael J. Townsend

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