The Ten Commandments for Everyday Life

by SJ; Max Oliva

The Ten Commandments for Everyday Life
Publication date: 2015-03-01
Number of pages: 96
ISBN: 9782896881482

Live the Ten Commandments in your own life with this guide.

Coveting your neighbour’s ox, donkey or slave is not something most people today need to worry about. Coveting your bus seatmate’s iPad, on the other hand, or your coworker’s new shoes is another story entirely.

Author Max Oliva previously talked about using the Sermon on the Mount in everyday life in his book Beatitudes for the Workplace. This book adapts the Ten Commandments for modern use, turning advice like “Thou shalt not kill” into “Respect all human life.” The Ten Commandments for Everyday Life is both perceptive and levelheaded, a book for all audiences in all walks of life.

Max Oliva, SJ has a degree in Marketing and an MBA in Organizational Behaviour and Industrial Relations. Now based in California, he offers retreats and workshops throughout North America. He is the author of the Beatitudes for the Workplace (Novalis, 2009).


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