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The Sermon On The Mount Lenten Series Kit

The Sermon On The Mount Lenten Series Kit

This series for Lent takes parishioners through some of the most familiar teachings of Jesus from his Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 and relates them to the events surrounding Christ’s life, death and resurrection. In the process, the services will powerfully reveal that the cross itself is the ultimate sermon on the mount for our journey of faith in this sacred season.

Ash Wednesday • Blessed Are You • Matthew 5:1-11
We who are poor in spirit, who mourn, and who hunger and thirst for righteousness are called blessed by our Savior in his Sermon on the Mount. Ash Wednesday reminds us that though we have been brought low by sin, our Lord will bless us with new life in him through the cross.

Week 1 • Salt and Light • Matthew 5:13-16
Christ calls us to be salt and light in this world of sin. We who have tasted and seen his great love for us on the cross can spend our Lent savoring his salvation and shining with his glory and grace in the places where he has put us.

Week 2 • Prayer and Fasting • Matthew 6:5-18
Lent is a season of prayer and fasting. We grow in our relationship with Christ by communicating with him, and we learn more about him and ourselves by giving up those things that can distract us from our connection to him.

Week 3 • Do Not Worry • Matthew 6:25-34
So much of our lives, even in Lent, is spent worrying about what might happen or what has happened. Christ teaches us to stop being anxious, but simply to trust that he knows what is best and will take care of us to the very end.

Week 4 • Judge Not • Matthew 7:1-5
We live in a very judgmental world, so Jesus’ advice not to judge sounds radical to our modern ears. When we leave all judgment up to God, we free ourselves to look at one another through fresh and forgiving eyes.

Week 5 • Build on Rock • Matthew 7:24-27
We build our lives on very shaky foundations, and then we are surprised when things start collapsing. Jesus reminds us in his teachings that the only solid foundation is himself, the Rock of our salvation. On him alone we build.

Complete orders of service are available on the richly illustrated bulletins, or...purchase of the kit grants a copyright release to use or adapt any of the materials in the full set of sample bulletins included.

For each service the kit contains:

  • sample bulletins with complete orders of service
  • sermon
  • children’s message
  • prayers
  • music for the accompanist

Each kit includes a CD-ROM (Mac/PC) a .pdf and text of all elements of the program and of the bulletins in .rtf (rich text format), a list of contemporary music song suggestions and PowerPoint documents of all services with text (with a copyright release) for use on screens.

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